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I guess I am little late in posting this. Go figure, huh?

As most of you know, we had our 1st  Annual Harvest Moon Festival in September 2013 and it was…well…let’s call it a ‘learning experience’…

Don’t get me wrong. We had an awesome time, made tons of new connections, met lots of new people and learned a wealth of little things that we hope will help us make our 2nd festival way better! It didn’t quite go how we had planned, though.  Performers didn’t show, schedules weren’t kept and admission was too high. Some of it couldn’t be helped. Some of it could have been avoided. Shit happens, right? But, we had a great time!



Live music and fire...how can you go wrong?

Live music and fire…how can you go wrong?

We had some awesome vendors! Bless them all for putting up with us as we fumbled our way through the event. We did warn them that it was our first year and we had no idea what we were doing….

josh smothers signs tie dyeThe kids seemed to enjoy the Kiddie Corral! Arts and crafts, three-legged races, hula-hooping…there was something for kids of all ages!

baby in car kids crafting kids hula hoopHorseshoes, hayrides, demonstrations, herb walks, awesome food…we had it going on!

hayride horseshoes Steve on forge

So, this year we are making a few changes. Admission is much cheaper. We really want this to be a family-friendly event, so we needed to make it affordable for families. No-brainer, huh? Yeah…

Our staffing will be a little better trained this year, too. At least, that is the goal.

Our demonstration, competitions and events will stick closer to the scheduled times.

Our bonfire will be bigger.

Our event will be awesome!

And, here are few more random pics from our first go-round

baby shoes bills vinyl craft project cynthiafood table goatsguests1 KC on swing kids crafts kids on hayride tye dye girl vendor 1 vendor 2 elvis

I guess that about covers it. As you can see, we were all clearly having a great time, and things really got kickin’ after dark, but the photographer had gone home by then. Maybe that’s a good thing….?


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